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Research progress on the therapeutic effect of olfactory ensheathing cell transplantation on ischemic stroke
Jin Wang , Jianhua Zhao, Shaomin Li
Journal of Neurorestoratology DOI: 10.26599/JNR.2021.9040012
Accepted: 06 September 2021

Hope, the most important milestone for management of spinal cord injuries
Hooshang Saberi, Nazi Derakhshanrad
Journal of Neurorestoratology DOI: 10.26599/JNR.2021.9050007
Accepted: 06 September 2021

A pilot study of clinical cell therapy for patients with vascular dementia
Yunliang Wang , Xiaoling Guo , Yanqiu Liu, Yan Li , Ying Liu , Di Chen, Juan Xiao , Wenyong Gao, Yajun Liu , Bo Zhou , Ran Liu , Fei Liu , Weidong Chen , Deqiang Guo , Gensheng Mao , Hongyun Huang
Journal of Neurorestoratology DOI: 10.26599/JNR.2020.9040011
Accepted: 06 September 2021